BVA Youth GroupBVA Youth Group

Our playing days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we play in the De Pijp sports hall. Our season starts in September and ends in June the following year. During the summer period we have a number of playing days (summer badminton), you will be informed about this by e-mail and on the website.

Playing schedule:
(>18 years)
Tuesday18:00 – 19:3019:30 – 23:00
Thursday19:00 – 20:0019:30 – 23:00

School Holidays

Opening hours and training times may differ during school holidays. The BVA agenda on the Welkom/Home page contains the necessary information. The sports hall is closed on public holidays.

Practical Information

At the beginning and end of each evening's play, it is customary for the players to help set up and take down the badminton nets and put away the shuttles. The nets are in the "BVA cupboard", while the posts are in the "sports equipment room". Plastic shuttles are provided by the club, feather shuttles must be brought along yourself. Feather shuttles can be purchased through the club.

Card Systeem

It can sometimes be busy during play evenings. We then use a 'card-system' on a whiteboard. The whiteboard is in the BVA cupboard and is placed in the hall on a table together with the members’ cards. Players can reserve a time slot and a court every 20 minutes (00:00, 00:20, 00:40) by placing their card on the whiteboard. For example, 4 cards can be placed per court, e.g. to play a double or mixed double. The whiteboard also gives you the opportunity to meet other or new players and play together.

A few rules that help clarify how it works:

  • When it is your turn to play, go to the court number and politely ask the player to leave;
  • When it is time, complete the point and leave the playing field. It is not desirable to continue playing;
  • You cannot place your card for the current time slot once it has started.

For example, it is 8:00 PM and you have just been asked to leave a playing field. Then you cannot hang up your card for the time slot of 8:00 PM - 8:20 PM where new people have just started a game. Place your card at a playing field with the next time slot.