BVA Youth Group

Internal tournament

In December we organize the ABBA tournament, where players of different levels form a team for an evening to promote cohesion within BVA. In addition, we also have one internal club championship at the end of the season. Fun tournaments are held approximately every two months, such as the TOS tournament, the ABBA Team Challenge and others.

Federal competition

Federal Competition (The Federal Competition) is the senior competition of Badminton Netherlands. The Federal Competition is played in the period September to January, with the exception of the Honorary and First Divisions; these continue until February. A distinction is made between a Mixed competition and Men's competition. In a mixed competition, at least 2 women and 2 men play per match. And for the Men's competition, at least 4 men play per match. In a mixed competition the following games are played: 2 mixed, 1 Men's doubles, 1 Women's doubles, 2 Men's singles and 2 Women's singles. For the Men's competition it is less complex and 4 different combinations of Men's doubles and 4 singles games are played.

BVA participates in both mixed and men's competitions. View our teams and standings.

Federal competition:
Mixed teamMens team
Premier League
1st division
2nd division
3rd division
4th division
5th divisionMens Level 1
6th divisionMens Level 2
7th division
8th division (Nylon)Mens (Nylon)
9th division (Nylon)

BVA has put together teams to participate in the federal competition for regional competitions. We currently have 6 teams that play competitions, namely 3 mixed teams and 3 men's teams. The levels range from the 7th division to the 5th division. Substitutes for the different teams are always welcome, please contact our competition leader. If you would like to participate in the association competition, you can contact ourcompetition leader.

Our home games are played in the same hall where we train, on Sundays from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM. We offer training specifically for competitive players.

Registration process

  • March-April: we collect players’ preferences.
  • April-May: we build teams so that all players can ideally participate and be satisfied with their placement.
The goal is to make a realistic estimate of the number of teams and their levels. We believe it takes time for players to get used to each other and encourage them to form partnerships that last longer than a year.

Spring Competition

The Spring Competition is a playful competition of Badminton Netherlands, in which no points are awarded. The spring competition is played from February to June. People can register in 3 different competition teams and in 3 different categories. For example, there is 1 mixed competition, 1 men's competition and 1 women's competition. For the Men's and Women's competitions, 3 different singles and doubles games are played. In the Mixed competition, 1 Men's double, 1 Women's double and 4 Mixed games are played.

Spring Competition:
Mixed teamMens teamCategory
4th divisionA
5th divisionMens Level 1A
6th divisionMens Level 2B
7th divisionB
8th division (Nylon)Mens (Nylon)C
9th division (Nylon)C

BVA has put together teams to participate in the spring regional competition. We currently have 4 teams that play competitions, namely 4 Men's teams. Only in categories A and B. Feel free to substitute for the different teams, please contact our competition leader. If you would like to participate in the spring competition, you can contact our competition leader.