To become a member, it is best to contact the club via the contact form. We recommend that you first register for a try-out to get to know the badminton club. If you have played badminton before and e.g. If you have experience with competition, it is useful if you indicate this immediately because then we can place you well within the right playing level or immediately introduce you to a team.

If you are familiar with BVA, you can also register immediately via the registration form.

In the table below you can find out what contribution* you owe until the end of the season. You pay your membership fee by transferring the correct amount for the month you become a member to our IBAN: NL24 INGB 0002 1394 08 in the name of Badminton Association Amsterdam. Membership can be cancelled at any time during the season by sending an email to the board, but no later than May 1 of each year and will take effect for the following season. No refunds are possible if membership is cancelled during the season.

Your contribution includes a basic contribution, a one-off registration fee at Badminton Netherlands and a club shirt.

For questions about the contribution, please contact our Treasurer.

Contribution schedule for the 2023-2024 season:
(>18 jaar)
September (basis)€ 220,00€ 260,00
September (nylon competitie)€ 240,00€ 280,00
September (veren competitie)€ 275,00€ 305,00
October€ 205,00€ 250,00
November€ 190,00€ 235,00
December€ 175,00€ 220,00
January€ 160,00€ 205,00
February€ 145,00€ 190,00
March€ 130,00€ 175,00
April€ 105,00€ 150,00
May€ 90,00€ 145,00
June€ 75,00€ 130,00

* At the start of the season, in addition to the annual contribution, competition players pay an additional competition contribution of € 20 for nylon shuttles or € 55 for the feather shuttles competition.